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No-spill is to big for us to contain



What's the first thing you should do when starting a marine-based project call ACK Marine & Contracting for a full maintenance package on the install of Boom, when you're faced with an oil spill on the water, ACK Marine & Contracting will contain it!


The faster you act to contain the oil and limit the spread in the environment, the easier it will be to reduce potential damage and clean it up and shut down by local authorities or the Navy.


Packages include absorbent booms and socks that only absorb oil in water, maintain debris within your working area, ACK Marine & Contracting can survey your site to determine the depths so siltation curtains are applied to keep the oil and debris within your site even when the undercurrent is not visible or in rough water. They're heavy-duty, hi-viz, and some are UV resistant up to 12 months. ACK Marine & Contracting has a wide variety of Booms and workboats to maintain and survey 24hours a day



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