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ACK MARINE has the experience to install, replace or rehabilitate, Sea walls are normally constructed by interlocking granite blocks from the early1900’s or cantilevered sheet piles from the early 1900’s, ACK MARINE’s specializes in the refurbishment of Granite block in  Boston Harbor keeping the old look but reinstalling the integrity, with the latest technologies now available ACK MARINE are able to make the wall more watertight and reduce any settlement issues that normally accrue in years to follow.

New Construction projects that are properly completed usually have a certain cost or expected price range.  And, like most things, the costs vary by geography due to logistics, labor, and more. ACK MARINE are able to install underwater and concrete placement with our commercial diving crew until the wall has reached the high tide mark and can be handed over to our Journeyman to complete,  If you are a property owner, engineer, or contractor and want it "done right", look no further.



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