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Timber Piles

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Timber Piles

Timber piles are the oldest of all the piles used today. the vibratory method. The natural convergence of pile shafts allows obtaining a relatively high pile load capacity. Properly applied, they are a highly economical, efficient and safe foundation solution, both for temporary and permanent structures.

This can be justified by a number of historical buildings founded and 80% of Boston’s waterfront, timber piles that have been in operation for thousands of years. Timber piles applied for the purposes of permanent structures are pressure impregnated. The impregnation method is designed according to a specific foundation, soil parameters and water type (fresh or sea).

Among the major advantages of timber piles are, costs effective to install and purchase, durability of about 100 years with reinforced concrete wrap, no need for corrosion protection, can be cut off with just a chain saw, in permanent structures they are pressure-impregnated with protection agents permitted for use in the construction sector, and they are environment-friendly as being made a natural renewable material.



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